Nach Baliye 6 17th Nov Episode 4

First two weeks of 6th season of Nach Baliye are not over. In the 4th episode we saw many performances including Gurmeet debina, Lata Sanjeev, Bruno Omar and others. Out of all the contestants Lata and Sanjeev got the lowest points. Each judge gave them 6 points making 18 in total compared to other contestants who managed to get points above 20. Shilpa said that their starting was very interesting but unfortunately after that it was crashed. There was no synchronization dn chemistry was also not good. Terrance also didn’t like it and said that justice wasn’t done but he was happy that the couple tried. Sajid as similar thoughts and added that more effort is needed from their side. Bruno and Omar on the other hand managed to score good (28) and Shilpa likes the performance so that she commended “Aag laga di Keechad Mein”. She loved their chemistry and passion and gave them 10 points. Terrance said that their performance was very veery hot but it was vulgar in no way. Bruna inspite of not knowing Hindi gave awesome expressions and gave a very good impression to audience. He did notice a lift that was missed by them. Sajid said that Omar should try to improve more though he is awesome as of now. Bruna looks beautiful. *Maza aa gaya”. Ridhi Raqesh also performed and scored 24 points as Sajid gave them only 7 points. Shilpa said that they are very lovable couple and their chemistry is very good but clearly the expectation are very high. Shilpa wants to see them on the top of Nach Baliye 6 and she wants more effort. Terrance, liked every part of it leaving aside the hand movements which found little clumsy. Sajid liked the performance but he wants better next time. If you missed the episode Sunday, 17th Nov don’t forget to watch the full Nach Baliye 6 Epiosde 4 below.

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